Lunkuse Felista

Lunkuse Felista (P-MMT-0020) is a 38 old single mother of 4 boys living in Tula, Maganjo Parish, Nabweru Sub-county Wakiso District. The husband abandoned her in 2013 following a domestic misunderstanding. Life became difficult when 3 of her school going children started missing school and eventually dropped out of school due to school fees.  Feeding was a great challenge too and most times the family would go without meals which greatly impacted on their health and wellbeing. This unbearable situation forced three of her children to engage in child labour. They became porters on construction sites, dug pit holes for people to earn a living as well as supplement on their mother’s income earned from washing clothes in people’s homes.

In September 2014, Felista’s family was enrolled for support under USAID/Uganda Private Health Sector Support. She was trained in project activities like ; Village Savings and Loans Association(VSLA), equipped with knowledge on financial literacy and business skills and management of income generating activities, Food and Nutrition, Child Protection, and Water Hygiene and Sanitation. Upon receiving training on VSLA and proper IGA management, Lunkuse joined Kisakyamukama VSLA group where she started saving 4000/=shs weekly.  She was given an IGA grant of 100,000/=Ugx which she used to start up a charcoal selling business. In the group, Lunkuse borrowed 100,000/=Ugx diversified her business to selling food stuff. One of her sons; Kabega Patrick, 15yrs was enrolled for vocational training at Kimuna Vocational Institute, her second child was attached to a nearby garage in Bwaise to learn vehicle repairing using her  profits from the two Income Generating Activities .  Both the vocational trainees will be completing their training in November 2016.

Through staff supervision, close monitoring and continued sensitisation on proper nutrition, Felista was able to set up a kitchen garden from which she harvests vegetables to supplement on her family’s diet. This has greatly improved the nutritional status and boosted on the health standards of OVC. The hygiene and sanitation practice of the household has greatly improved as observed during the home visits.

Other than solving the household financial constraints, Felista testifies that, the VSLA group has enabled her to acquire metallic doors, electricity and a bed in the house. Further, it has created avenues of expression, mutual support and understanding in addition to helping them to share their experiences and finding solutions to life’s challenges. “These interventions have greatly improved the livelihood of my family and my life has generally changed for the better and now Taata Patrick (her husband) is back at home and started supporting the family.

Thanks for USAID/Uganda Private Health Support”.